Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Me, again??!!

Here I am! Wow, it's been about 2 years. I've attempted twice to get my garden cleaned up and started between then and today, with no success. I'd get it cleaned up, but couldn't afford to get the stuff to make new beds. Then it would get taken over by weeds, vicious cycle!
Finally I pulled all of the old stuff completely out. No more trying to grow in beds that had weed seeds constantly hiding in them and waiting to ruin my garden.
Here are a few pics.

 It's just two boxes - easily manageable. And there will be a few containers with tomatoes. I'm going to try bush tomatoes- i've always done vine because of space in the boxes.
So far I have little sprouts shooting up for:
Watermelon (crimson sweet & sugar baby)
Raven Squash
Peas (sugar snap, lots of them! i like to just stand out there, pluck them off their vines and eat them. Not many make it into the house for use!)
Ithica Lettuce
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
Radishes (don't eat 'em, but they grow fast so I like to have them in there, it feels like success!!)
Carrots (Red)
Onion (bunching)
Brussel Sprouts (a sprout of brussel sprouts?)
And some herbs & flowers that I put in for companion planting:
holy basil
genovese basil

Those are just the things that have shown themselves so far.

Hopefully I can keep up better with the garden, and the blog! I'm looking forward to a successful garden this year :)

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  1. Looks and sounds like a winner to me! I'd rather have two productive boxes than a bunch of weeds any day. You got too burned out trying to deal with the old beds. I'm looking forward to watching the new garden grow!