Monday, May 17, 2010

Sorry, I'm Still Going (& Growing!)

Ugh, so sorry I haven't been here. I just saw a comment from Granny checking on me. Thanks Granny for caring!!

I am a bad multitasker LOL. If I'm doing one thing I tend to neglect another. I have been getting in shape for summer and my mind has been on workouts and fitness. I've started up my jewelry making again and that is taking up my time as well. I also work part time for a personal trainer and do her customer service and website stuff, plus put her blog up around in different places. By the time I'm done with that and with blogging my fitness stuff I'm just worn out from blogging LOL.

My garden is still going, even though we're moving into the stage of "too hot and everything wilts and dies". I've harvested a ton of peas and lettuce, purple pole beans and herbs. The watermelon in Jake's bed is surviving. We need to water it way more for sure. There's definitely weeding to do, but for the most part it is going well for this time of year. I think I will get out the curtains again this year to try to have peppers throughout the summer. That worked great last year. I'm skipping squash at this point because I've had it with squash bugs, they drove me nuts last time around.

Anyhow, I'm still alive!!! :) I will try to be better about checking in because I know I worry about people when I don't see them posting and wonder if I'll ever know what has become of them. And I need to get better about checking in on you all too!!!