Friday, October 9, 2009

Careless Gardener!

Ugh, posted this the other night and it errored out. I really don't like having to rewrite everything! LOL.

Ok, so when I was checking my squash I broke it off the vine! Oops. I brought it in anyway and cut it open. It was almost 4lbs. Looked pretty ripe. Maybe not as ripe as it could be, but definitely orange throughout. I baked it and put some butter and brown sugar on it (like I do with sweet potatoes), and YUM!! It was great. Then I baked the seeds with some olive oil and sea salt and all I can say is DOUBLE YUM. Waaaaaayyyy better than baked pumpkin seeds.

Then as I was looking through the peppers I broke a branch off that had peppers on it! They were way too little. I mean, I've eaten them pretty little so that I can at least eat what I've grown, but not these LOL.
I broke something else too, but can't remember what. We've been sick all week. I haven't been out to the garden in a few days and hope the squash bugs haven't killed everything. I finally just let them have their way. The squash plant is still growing out and growing more squash so I guess it is healthy and strong enough to withstand the bugs.
I planted more carrots and lettuce, but it just isn't sprouting! Very annoying. I'm going to start some indoors again and see what happens.
Anyway, sorry I haven't been around reading and commenting. Just so tired, but I think we've rounded the corner on this thing and are getting better.
Have a great day!