Friday, October 9, 2009

Careless Gardener!

Ugh, posted this the other night and it errored out. I really don't like having to rewrite everything! LOL.

Ok, so when I was checking my squash I broke it off the vine! Oops. I brought it in anyway and cut it open. It was almost 4lbs. Looked pretty ripe. Maybe not as ripe as it could be, but definitely orange throughout. I baked it and put some butter and brown sugar on it (like I do with sweet potatoes), and YUM!! It was great. Then I baked the seeds with some olive oil and sea salt and all I can say is DOUBLE YUM. Waaaaaayyyy better than baked pumpkin seeds.

Then as I was looking through the peppers I broke a branch off that had peppers on it! They were way too little. I mean, I've eaten them pretty little so that I can at least eat what I've grown, but not these LOL.
I broke something else too, but can't remember what. We've been sick all week. I haven't been out to the garden in a few days and hope the squash bugs haven't killed everything. I finally just let them have their way. The squash plant is still growing out and growing more squash so I guess it is healthy and strong enough to withstand the bugs.
I planted more carrots and lettuce, but it just isn't sprouting! Very annoying. I'm going to start some indoors again and see what happens.
Anyway, sorry I haven't been around reading and commenting. Just so tired, but I think we've rounded the corner on this thing and are getting better.
Have a great day!


  1. I hope you and your family get better soon...My family is only having to deal with allergies right now. Whew! Anyway, the branches on pepper plants break quite easily, and I usually break several each year, myself. It's just part of gardening....

  2. Carrots have never done well for me. They grow nice tops, but have no bottoms whatsoever. Glad things seem to be getting better. Keep fighting.

  3. Sorry you and the family have been sick, and glad to hear you're beginning to feel better.
    I'm not having much success with my carrots yet, but they're always so slow to germinate, so maybe giving your more time will help?