Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Still Alive!!

Yes, I'm still here and alive. My garden - not so much. I have completely neglected it since Fall. Today was my first day out tackling the overgrowth of weeds. I spent 5 hours today topping off a few beds with some more compost and garden soil. I pulled weeds - yuk, hate that. I raked up mulch. And I carried twenty nine pavers, weighing 51 lbs each, about 75 feet, to create a nice little path through the garden. I could use about 20 more to get it the way I want it. These were free because my dad was getting rid of them. There's still about 5 or 6 more at their house I need to pick up. Then I figure I can buy one a month and have the path all like I want it by the end of the year. I still need to clean them but am very happy with the results so far. There will be much less weed growth with these things in place - they are huge and take up a lot of space.

On my way in I noticed a few things that survived the weeds and the freeze. I figured I'd grab a little radish for the bunny on the way in. Uh, yeah, this is little??

LOL. So I decided that was a bit big for the bunny to have. I gave him some of the leaves though. He tasted them a few times then determined they were worth eating. He can be a little picky.

Tomorrow I will go out and do some more cleaning and hopefully have the garden back in production this coming week. Time to plant some seeds for spring harvest.

I need to check in on you all and see how things are going!


  1. Woo-hoo! You're back!

    My bunny loves radish leaves, and Annie loves the radishes! Have you ever seen a dog who liked radishes? She'll poke her nose into the rabbit cage, get hold of a radish and pull it through the bars and eat it, leaving the leaf portion on the floor.

    Happy birthday, my birthday twin :-) I checked the other day, and our birthday flower is the orange blossom. I found that pretty funny, since my screen name on a news group is Orangeblossom (OB for short)! What a coincidence.

  2. Very cool! I saw your post to my blog and was hoping you'd post to yours soon. Hope the winter treated you well and I can't wait to see how your garden goes this year.

  3. Welcome back! That is one large radish!

  4. Like ribbit - I was wondering if you'd post something today, as well. Glad to see you back from your blogging absence. Sounds like you're getting quite a workout from prepping the garden. I know how you like those workouts!

  5. That's a radish? ROFL! It's great you're able to recycle the pavers, and I'm looking forward to seeing the updated garden. Come on spring!