Thursday, September 3, 2009

Catching back up

I know it has been a few days since I posted, but this week has been a whirlwind! My son, who is 12, was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent). So needless to say there is a bit of stress and confusion - and information overload- going on.
I'm going to go off topic for a few minutes just to say how cool God is. And since it is my blog I can do that, LOL. A few years ago I got my personal trainer certification which also deals with nutrition. Beginning to prep for a figure competition myself and a very brief time training others for the same taught me how to count cals & carbs so easily that I could now do it in my sleep. It is something I really understand. A few months later my anxiety attacks came back and some depression set in and I began gardening simply for the sake of therapy. It was a chance to get outside in the sun and fresh air, dig in the earth, be alone for a little while and enjoy nature. Now that garden that was planted from just a small thought has grown and can provide the fresh vegetables that will be vital to my son's diet. So when you look back you can see how God worked out every thing that happened, all the desires planted into my heart, to bring me to the place I'd need to be for this time. Jesus is awesome!!!
Ok, onto the pictures! Jake's watermelons are finally hanging onto the vine and growing. He's so excited about this.
Watermelon size on Sunday:
Size yesterday: (about the size of my palm)
Some peppers!
A few female flowers. I actually have quite a few, but how many squash flower pics does a person want to see? LOL.
Yay! Lots of stuff growing :) .
On Monday I planted:
A 3x3 box full of 3 types of lettuce - with a few spaces saved for spinach in Oct.
Bush Beans
And some indoor seedlings of the same, plus a bunch of herbs, in case they won't start out there. I think we've had rain every day since I planted them.
That's all!


  1. Ok so how in the world do you get your watermelon to grow so fast, mine have taken practically the whole summer to grow that much!

    It is funny, just the other day at my last Beth Moore Ester study we were discussing just the same thing...I mentioned how I enjoy to look back and see how everything comes together so perfectly that you just want to share what a miracle God has done in your life! You might wonder why you are where you are or what is going on in your life for years and then you totally understand why...the plan has all come together! I just love when God is so evident in your life! Sorry your son and family has to go through this, but glad to hear that you are on the right track!

  2. I'm so sorry for your son, but the diagnosis is going to make things so much better. Now you'll know what you're dealing with.

  3. It's very sad about your son, as no child should have to deal with something like diabetes for the rest of their life. However, it's so cool that everything was already in place for providing his nutritional needs. I wish him the best of luck....

  4. {{{{{Crystabel}}}}}

    My youngest son has had Type I diabetes since he was ten years old. He's 37 now. Proper nutrition became a lifestyle for our family, and it wasn't all that difficult. I made sure he (and I) had the proper training in diabetes control. It never held him back, he played soccer and football and was on the swim team. Of course, when they grow up and leave home, they think they are indestructible, and that's when Mom begins worrying. You have the right attitude, and a good head on your'll do just fine.

  5. Thank you all so much!
    Thanks you ribbit & EG, I know we'll pull through and do fine once we're over the absolute shock.
    Shawn Ann - I swear it was the horse manure! We planted those watermelon in March. April came - nothing, May - nothing, June - nothing, July - added the horse manure, August - female flowers showing up! Then we've had rain every afternoon/evening since last week.
    Granny - thanks for that! It is always nice to know you're not alone in something. That other people have done it and are doing it still. After they showed us how to manage everything Jake said "Well, that won't stop us from having all the fun we have!". He's such a cheerful optimist LOL.