Monday, September 7, 2009

Shut Up about the Watermelon already!!

Ok. I can't stop talking about the watermelon. I am excited about the watermelon! Every day I check on the watermelon.
Last night at 9PM we measured the melon and it was 13 1/2" around at its widest part. This morning at 10AM we measured and it was 14 3/8"! Tonight at 9PM we measured and it was 14 3/4"! It grew over an inch in 24 hours.
Ok, we're too obsessed with the melon. Step away from the melon...
But it is just so fun with things actually growing this year! Plus it is in Jake's box, and you're always happier when it is your kids' stuff that is having success!
I will try to refrain from even mentioning the melon the rest of the week.


  1. Oh, go ahead and deserve to!

  2. LOL, ok, I will! 15 1/4" this morning :)

  3. Ok so I am sure you have probably already gotten it, but I would like to pass on the Meme award to you. I really like reading your gardening adventures. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cool, that "thing with the name that should never be mentioned" is really growing nicely!

  5. Ok, I'm a little delayed, so, how's the melon? HA! I agree with Granny. Brag baby brag. It *deserves* bragging. Think of all the hard work that melon has had to put in to getting as large as it has! ;-)