Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rain = Crazy Growth

I popped out real quick to check the garden this morning. Wow! Jake's watermelon is just growing like crazy. Yesterday it could sit in my palm, today I had to cup it to hold it there. Here's a pic from today.

And this squash, looks like it got pollinated! It must have doubled in size overnight, maybe more than doubled. This is the same squash as the last pic in yesterday's post.
So, I'm very excited about this season's potential. Last year I didn't have much success during fall planting, although winter did pretty well. I'm certain it was lack of enough good compost. I had the right ratio's down for Mel's mix, but I think I really needed more compost.
At this point I have the original 3 part mix in the box under 6" (i have 12" deep) of the aged horse manure. I'd love to get some other types in there next time I fill. I filled these things to the brim with the horse stuff and they've already dropped about 2" below the board. I toss bunny poo on top every week when I clean the bunny cage. We have a few worm bins going that I use, but neither of those puts out in the amount needed for all of the beds. Okay, so the bunny tries and does a really good job LOL!
We've also had more rain this year, so that is good. I have to remember that I'll need to water when it stops. I did the same thing last year. The sky had been watering the garden for me every afternoon that I just forgot watering had to be done when the rain season left LOL.
Anyhow, like I said. I'm just very excited about what the possibilites are this year. Now, I really need to go out and squish a few squash bugs I saw while taking pics. I didn't have gloves, and don't have EG's bug bravery LOL.


  1. I find it mind boggling just how quickly some things can grow. It seems they just sit and do nothing for so long, then in a single day they'll double or triple in size. I found that with my pumpkins this year. Even Mr. H was impressed with the how quickly they grew.

  2. My melons seemed to pop up overnight as soon as the weather was warm enough for them. Amazing growth! I am so excited for you!

    BTW, I have selected your blog for a "Meme Award." Thank you for your inspiration and kind remarks over this past season!