Sunday, August 15, 2010

Almost Done Weeding!

I've only 2 boxes to go. Honestly I could have finished them this week. I just got incredibly lazy. Every time I would look out there it seemed overwhelming and I wouldn't even go out. Which means weeds had grown back in the other beds I had already done. I am REALLY regretting the horse manure. Yes, it was great to make everything grow, but the weeds it brought in are insane. Next year I may have to totally empty these boxes and redo my mel's mix. But there is no money for that this year.
Today I did 3 beds. There's only the herb box at the back door, and the old strawberry box left. And some weeds that are around the boxes, but my main concern is to get those boxes ready to plant. It isn't necessarily pretty out there right now, but it is functional!
So I did NOT meet my goal of getting them done by the 15th. However I am close and will finish them up this week. Besides, its extra calories burned, right?  :)
I'm not going to be planting all the boxes right away, I'm wondering if I should cover them with plastic to try to reduce all of the weed problems. And there are tons of these diamond shape bugs in everything. Will try to get a pic. They remind me of some sort of squash bug relation, but not quite.
Sorry to be so absent. I'm 4 weeks out of my show and my mind is on workouts & diet constantly.
Have a great evening! (ok, it's 10pm and evening is over...)


  1. How about using some heavy cardboard to cover the beds? Soak them well first, and hold down the cardboard with some rocks or blocks or whatever. It should smother the weeds as well as attract worms.