Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finishing Up the Clean Up!

Alright, so there it is! It looks sooo much nicer than at the beginning. There is a small area over by the leaf pile (behind that white trellis) that isn't covered. I was one bag short! But that is okay for now, as the leaves still need to settle and will still blow out of the pile for a bit anyway. Later this week I'll fill that little spot. That purple "tent" back there is my peppers box. Those are curtains (sheers) hanging and shading the box - and I'm FINALLY getting some peppers holding onto the plants. Hurray!!


  1. Your garden looks really nice! I like the tumbling composters too! We need to learn to make something like that! Way cheaper!

    Oh and I looked at your "about me" section and I like your choices in music and books! Great stuff!

  2. Love the way it looks. So nice and tidy.