Saturday, June 27, 2009


Raccoons! They are stealing my tomatoes. The other day I went out to check my first one that was looking ripe and it was GONE!!! The funny thing was, do you know where they left behind the evidence? On top of the leaf compost pile!! LOL. So even though I was a bit upset, I had to laugh that they left the remains in the compost.

I got out and covered the box with netting, but they were able to get the next one anyway.Last night I put some trellis pieces around the box and we'll see if they got into it today.Gosh, they are SO cute. I wish they wouldn't take all of the veggies. I'd share, but they keep taking everything ahead of time.I snagged a green tomato off of one of the vines and brought it in for the bunny. We shared it. I have never eaten a non-ripe tomato and I have to say it was crispy and sweet. I like it better than a ripe tomato. Because honestly I really don't eat tomatoes if they aren't in salsa or ketchup, or cut up tiny on a fajita. To me they are mushy and the inner gooey seed slime part is disgusting. Ok, enough tomato ranting. Let me see if the pic of the tomatoes in the leaves shows. The camera completely fogged up upon going outside (that's FL humidity for you!). Nope, too foggy. Oh well, maybe next time!


  1. Those critters! They sure are cute, but they sure can be a pain in the garden!

  2. Crystabel - raccoons are very hard to keep out of the garden. I feel for ya, because there's not alot you can do about it. They get into our dogfood container almost every night, and I find it fascinating that they can get the lid off. My verification word for leaving this comment is "buggr" ha! That's so funny!

  3. Oh I am so sorry about the theft of your first ripe tomato! Raccoons can be pretty smart and they work together to find food. Try googling "raccoons in gardens" to get some tips at keeping them away from your veggies.

    I don't like tomatoes either unless they are made into sauce or salsa. I feel the same way about eating them. Yuck!

  4. They got another one, but I've put up a little barrier and I think that I may get at least one ripe one.
    EG it is funny you commented because I told my son "We need to go look at EG's blog and find that picture of the cage around his garden and how protected it is!" LOL.

  5. Oh garden is definitely protected! Let me know if you need some ideas...