Friday, June 5, 2009

Operation: Garden Restoration!

Alright, I have let the areas that surround the boxes really get out of control. I've been fairly good about weeding inside the boxes and keeping those nice. But the pathways are a mess! When I added the 4 new boxes I couldn't afford mulch, but I wanted to cover the weed control fabric, so I used the dead leaves in the yard. I had bags and bags and bags full, and so did my parents. But now it is looking messy and covered in weeds.

On to Operation: Garden Restoration! Today I worked on one section of the garden. I plan to work on a segment once a week until I have it looking all nice and clean. Plus I can only fit 10 bags of mulch in my trunk at a time LOL. Those leaves though - wow are they full of worms! I'm moving the leaves to a compost pile and letting it just become a nice little worm city.

So here's the Before Pic...It's awful!

and the Step One Pic...

It looks so much nicer already! I can't wait to get it finished, and then I need to keep up with it better.

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