Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cage Building

That's what we've been doing the past few days and this past weekend. I have been caging in my boxes to save my veggies from the raccoons. I really don't mind sharing, but they don't share! They just take it all and I'm left with nothing. So hopefully the cages will keep them out.
I only need about 5 cages. The boxes with trellises I just wrapped the netting around them using the posts. It is sort of a flimsy netting so that they can't climb it. But I don't know if they'll chew through it?? I guess we'll find out! And if they do I'll go the chicken wire route. But I hate dealing with chicken wire. It is such a pain to work with. Anyway, once I got it up I noticed no one dug out the squares I had just prepped so that is encouraging. And the garden will be rather empty until Aug/Sept so maybe they'll forget about me!! :)

I have some seedlings sprouting in the back room. I'm very excited about the broccoli sprouts that came up first. Why? Because I let one of my broccoli plants go to seed last year and harvested all of the seeds out of those little pods myself. So these are sort of my first generation broc's. I was wondering if they would sprout at all, if I'd waited long enough to harvest the seeds, etc. This is just a nice little confirmation that I did it right :) .
Three of my seedlings are mystery peat pots. I didn't write names on them??? I am certain I wrote on each pot what was in it because last year I had mystery stuff. Well I'll be darned if I know what these three will be. Nothing has sprouted in them so now I wonder to myself..."did I even plant anything in them?" LOL. If they are a squash I'll have no clue which ones they are because I have several varieties. I guess it will just have to be a fun surprise!

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  1. There is nothing in this world I hate more than chicken wire. I do hope you don't have to resort to using it!