Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Prepping in the Rain....

I got another box prepped for fall today - out in the rain! I simply had to get it done so I got out and did it, rain or shine. Mostly shine though LOL and just a little rain. That leaves me with just a few more squares to prep and I will be all ready for the Aug/Sept/Oct plantings.

I'm really going to try to keep up with the garden better this year. Last year was my first year gardening and I enjoyed planting and looking at the garden. But I didn't really "help" it along much. The corn got hit by corn borers, and the squash got taken over by squash bugs - and by some overzealous attack against the squash bugs by yours truly. Yes, I killed the squash.

Anyway, I'm going to interplant more crops to help keep certain things away. And I am going to fertilize the garden. Last year I just followed the SFG book and it said you don't have to fertilize. But I've seen other gardens on the gardenweb forums and I think they said they fertilize. I'm not sure what to use though. I do sprinkle worm tea on the garden from the worm bins. And maybe I'll get some seaweed or fish emulsion - but why and what for? Guess I'll have to research that. Oh, and of course the bunny berries get sprinkled on the garden too.

And I need to find a good organic way to keep the bugs away, beyond the interplanting.

Oh, and maybe mulching the boxes this year. I have so many dead leaves I could use, I wonder if that's ok? I did it for my strawberries so I guess it is ok elsewhere too, duh.

I have pretty carrots and purple beans on the way - I'm so excited! And I'm going to start some seeds in peat pots in the sunroom to be ready for August- hurray!

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  1. I use some espoma veg tone for fertilizing and also compost tea. Works good for me.

    I bought some insect netting this year, but I have read others use tulle to cover their veggies. I am happy to report much less insect damage this year than last. I can't keep it on the whole time, for pollinating purposes of course. But it really helped.

    If you do use leaves, don't forget to mulch them up good, if you use them whole they will get all sticky and keep out water and collect BUGS! It is a good Idea though, let us know how it works!