Thursday, July 2, 2009

Night Sounds

Here's a "video" that is really just for audio. The sound of the garden at night after the rain...

It's going to be a boring month in the garden in July. Nothing to plant, nothing to harvest this month. Just prepping beds and getting ready for August. So while my garden blog will most likely be lacking, at least my adventure blog will probably pick up! (except it rained ALL WEEK this week and we didn't go anywhere.)


  1. HA! TOTALLY no fair. I lay in bed last night unable to sleep because of the noise out there and thought I'd make a film of it tonight, myself. You beat me to it. Great minds, huh?

  2. LOL - that is so funny! I've had that happen with pics I was going to post. Someone beats me to it!! You should still make your film tonight. I would have put on night-shot....if I could figure out my camera. hehe.