Friday, August 21, 2009

Corn, corn, corn

That's what I planted yesterday. A whole box of corn. The original box I had planned for the corn has been taken over by squash. I still planted some seeds in that box, but I couldn't count on it to come up under those huge, humongous, gigantic squash leaves. So I had to rearrange the whole fall planting schedule to use a different box. The birds started making all sorts of racket as soon as I poured the corn into my hand and started planting. There were alot of "caw caw" sounds and I think the crows were hiding back in the woods and telling the news that corn was being planted. I covered the box with trellis pieces so they wouldn't steal what I'd planted LOL.

I also replanted the herb garden where not one herb came up in the two weeks since it was planted. Third time's a charm?? I hope so. And I harvested my green pepper before the raccoons could steal it. So it was only 2 oz, but at least I got it and not them! Pfft. I also stuck a tiki torch into the squash/corn bed for the poor bean to climb. It was stretching out just trying to find something to hang on to LOL.

And, here's a pic that Jake took of a butterfly on our bottlebrush tree. I can't believe how good the photo turned out. It is currently my desktop background.

Today we're getting a ton of rain. :)


  1. Crystabel - Crows sure can do some damage....Some rubber snakes would probably do the trick.

  2. So real ones won't do the trick? LOL