Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ugh, Titles!

Couldn't think of a title today :)

So the garden is doing well. Or is it good? Either way, things are growing. Except that corn is being so stubborn. My corn window here is very short. I have to get it going. And the squash that I planted "with" it. Well it is taking over everywhere! It was supposed to sprawl around through the corn with the beans and do that 3 sisters thing. Well 2 sisters showed up, but the corn is a late arrival. My poor bean has nothing to climb. The squash is shading half of the corn squares. And that is the only box for corn so I guess I'd better do something about it and stop griping.

The winter squash in the other box is insane! It has climbed up almost to the top of the trellis already. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it besides run it back down and up and down that thing. The summer squash in the other box is doing okay. The wormy things really like that box. Fine, let them play there and at least leave the other ones alone. Then it is only one box to deal with worms. There are a few bush beans growing there too - although the squash seem to be trying to elbow them out.

And who knew a lima bean bush would take over a whole 3x3 box? Not me!

Jake has 9 watermelon, oops, that's 8 watermelon growing. I think a squirrel got to one. It definitely wasn't a raccoon with those tiny bites taken out of it. Not sure what I'll do except maybe cover the top of the box again. I'm tired of being shut out of my boxes to keep the other things out. It is a pain!

I did some home-y stuff yesterday and today. Made butter, canned 4 jars of that Annie's Salsa from Granny's blog, 3 more loaves of bread, 12 cinnamon rolls from scratch and corn chips that didn't turn out. I'm tired! :)


  1. Crystabel - the vines of winter squash certainly take up alot of room! My pumpkin vines have grown 24 feet long already. I'm not sure if you caught my video of the removable garden fencing, but it will certainly keep critters out of your garden. Let me know if I can help in any way....

  2. Crystabel, did you leave the seeds in your jalapenos when you made the salsa? I removed them from all but one, now I'm hoping it's not too mild.

    My Butternut squash is threatening to take over my entire garden! I'm tempted to go out with my scissors and begin cutting it off. I might have to if I want to get out to my compost bin. But it has beautiful leaves, no powdery mildew like the pumpkins and summer squashes.