Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The squash pest

Here's some pics of the caterpillar thing that is on my squash. I had pickleworms earlier this year, but these just don't look exactly the same as those. Everytime I google squash pests all they show me is squash bugs and vine borers. These aren't interested in the vine/stalk at all. They just like the leaves.

And you can see the overall damage that they do here.

And on a happier note... No one got at my peppers last night. I did harvest one of them to make sure that I got one from the batch LOL. But here's one that is still growing!


  1. Never seen that worm before, but some BT will eliminate them with ease. I visited your other blogs, and you rock! I used to workout with weights, but stopped due to an injury. A torn tricep takes a long time to recover from. Ouch!

  2. That's funny, Shawn Ann just mentioned the BT in my last blog. I guess BT it is!
    And thanks! I actually have my personal trainer cert and planned to do figure competitions at one time, but then decided I don't have the personality to be up on stage like that LOL. After messing up my knees and shoulder a bit though I am very careful lifting now.