Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Squash Pests!

Something is munching on my squash. They are tiny bright green caterpillars or worms. Sometimes they are only like a mm or two long - incredibly tiny! Others that escape notice get a little bit bigger before I find them. They seem to build a little weblike cocoon to hide under at times. I've been killing them every day. Any thoughts? I will get a pic of them if there are more tomorrow. Right now the pic would be of little caterpillar corpses & guts on the edge of the raised bed LOL.
And, someone stole a pepper from me last night! I thought I had secured the area, but apparently not. I'll have to work on that today. And maybe harvest one of my "larger" peppers just so I can have it before it gets stolen.
Other news - the corn doesn't seem to be growing. I've planted two weekends in a row and nothing! The purple pole beans are doing well. The one that I interplanted with the corn...well it has nothing to hold onto! It was supposed to have corn to climb LOL. I'll have to get it a little post for now until the corn comes in. Which it better do soon! Also planted a bunch of herbs 2 weeks ago and am not seeing much action. Sigh.
Oh well, I will be happy with my beans and squash for now :) .


  1. Crystabel - corn takes a while to germinate...between 14 and 21 days. If not up after 3 weeks, then your seed is bad. I can't be much help on the caterpillars, because that's a new one on me. BTW...I've got a video coming up on my blog where I show my zucchini/tomato cages for ya.

  2. Yay! Thanks alot, because I'm going to need them soon I think. :)

  3. Thanks Shawn ann! I'm going to have to go pick some of that up. Would I put it on the plant or on the dirt around it? I guess it will have directions, huh. LOL!