Friday, August 7, 2009

Sprouts - new beginnings!

I love seeing the sprouts coming up through the soil. They are new beginnings for another season of life. I took a few pics today of what's coming up in the garden.

I told this guy to stop building his web connected to my flimsy garden cages. Everyday when I lean over them I end up breaking his connector string. I try to put it somewhere else but he puts it right back every single day! He's one of those pretty flourescent green and orange ones. or maybe a she)

Got a squash here. It is going to be allowed to just roam wherever it wants. Oh, and my pretty whitefly trap LOL. I have corn in the squares next to it. But where is it? It should be coming up soon.

There's a purple pole bean sprout coming up! And some ground cover coming in over the box edges!

AND... PEPPERS!!!!! Gosh I'm excited about these. I LOVE peppers. The two things I started a garden for - peppers and corn.


  1. That is one awesome looking spider! I've never seen one so colorful before!

    Yay on your peppers! I'm *finally* having a little success with mine...

  2. He's great, isn't he? I think he's called an Orchard Orbweaver.