Friday, May 8, 2009

Corn, Corn Everywhere!

But not mine. My ONE piece of corn that actually "grew" (we'll use that word loosely here), made it to about 3" long. I ate it raw and it was incredible. So SWEET. Made me feel even worse that the rest didn't grow. Not enough water? Not enough nutrients? Too much damage from the worms? I don't think so on the worm thing because the corn would start to grow and put out the silks. Then I would go and pollinate them by hand to help things along. I had green beans growing right with the corn to help feed nitrogen into the soil, and nothing had been planted into the beds prior to the corn. So I guess we'll go with not enough water at this point.

Ok, so where was the corn? At the Corn Maze of course!

We spent about 2 hours or so going through the corn maze - lots of fun! :) They had little places to answer questions and do pencil rubbings - all in an effort to keep you from following the right and going through it quick :) . Yes, that is something I learned in my geeky D&D days (alright, I'm still a online gaming geekette) - in a dungeon always follow the right.... or at least pick a side and always turn that way. I just prefer right to left. Not that I have ANY sort of direction sense, but still... And now that I see that pumpkin picture I realize that today I actually wore the exact same shorts and shirt when we went blueberry hunting (no picking since we didn't find the place, but that's a story for a later blog, remember, we're only in Oct 08 still).

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