Friday, May 8, 2009

What's going on in the garden?

Alright enough side tracking with birds, bunnies & Bok! What is happening in the garden itself? This IS a blog about my garden, right? Well, I get sidetracked easily :) .
Let's see how the garden is going.... Hmm... Ok, I have some pics of... Oh! Ok, I have to go because my mom just called and we're going blueberry picking. I will come back and edit this and add pics later this afternoon. (Not that anyone even KNOWS I have a blog going since I just started it yesterday - But just in case someone, somehow, stumbles upon my blog, that's the scoop!)

Ok, I'm back after driving around looking for blueberries! LOL. That story can wait though.

Here's my bed that has a few sweet potato slips and some bell pepper plants that I bought at Lowe's.
Now just a few weeks later those sweet potato vines are growing insanely! I learned that summer that sweet potatoes need their own box...and they don't like to stay in it! :)

Those pepper plants wilted away rather soon and that's another thing I learned. Summer is TOO HOT and TOO HUMID in FL for pepper plants - even if the store IS selling them. Don't fall for it. Or at least maybe you can try to shade them? I didn't want to spend the money on shade cloth if I wasn't even sure I would end up liking gardening. Ah, and here we have some little radishes popping up!

>>>> over there >>>>>, see >>> :)

And then just a few moments later! A radish! (Ok, it was really more like almost a month...

There's those crazy sweet potatoes! They eventually take over the world you know...

And that about sums things up for June 08. June is a very boring garden month in FL when you're just starting. Now this year (09) I think I will have some things finishing up around June and it won't look as barren and boring.

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