Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's May!

Hurray, I'm now caught up! Yesterday I went out and checked the garden and found two more wayward sweet potatoes that had been missed last November (more slips were coming up!). Gonna eat those today.

Here's how the garden was growing so far in May.

Celery! Just cleared out the squares around it - finished off the lettuce and spinach.

Oops, forgot to turn this image. Oh well, sideways potato box :) . And some peppers, with herbs around the outer edges.

Harvested my first summer squash :)

More summer squash!

Another sideways pic: Cabbage, Cauli, Lima Beans, Bush Beans.

Corn! I know, I REALLY need to weed that bed.

Jake's huge sunflowers!!

And you'll recognize this one... The same as my header except that the ladybug had flown away and the butterfly had closed his wings. I love that header pic. It was so neat to catch that butterfly and the ladybug together on the sunflower.


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