Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Spare - A - Square Program

Over Christmas & Thanksgiving I brought several salads and fresh veggies to meals. When the family remarked how good they were (that was all God's doing, LOL, I can't make things grow!), I mentioned that they could easily just have one little square box with some things growing. They declined, but my sister did laughingly suggest that I could spare a square for them (little Seinfeld reference there LOL). I thought that was a great idea!

So this year I "donated" squares to my family and they could choose what they wanted me to grow.

Dad took Lima Beans

Mom chose Cukes

Sis chose Cukes

Brother-in-Law chose Zucchini

Plus some herbs: dill, parsley, basil.

So I send them email updates with pics of how their plants are doing :) . And I'll deliver the harvest as it comes (we all live w/in 2 mi's of each other). So either I'll be lending out squares, or maybe they'll decide to have just one box of their own! :)

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