Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still Catching up!

Alright, I've managed to condense the past year into just about a dozen blogs, and I'm almost done catching up to Real Time :) LOL. Then I'll be able to blog current stuff instead of backtracking, which will be nice!

Let's move into April. By this time I have been able to plant for Spring, which I missed last year. Last year the gardening bug bit me a little too late.
So as I was out planting, and watering, and checking things, I saw something in Jake's box. It was very familiar. It was.... a sweet potato slip! So I dug down, down, down... yep! Last November when we harvested these (or maybe it was October for his box), we missed one! It was perfect. We cleaned it off and ate it that night. It made the ones I'd just bought from the store seem completely tasteless. After this season I'm just going to take one of the potatoes and dig down into the box that I'll use next year and bury it. Then it can just do its thing naturally for next spring's season.

Here's some pics on what's going on in the garden in April 09.
Squash! It's growing great. I'm actually going to be able to harvest some this year. This is Jackpot summer squash.

Bush Beans. These are nice slender beans. I did pole beans last year but they were the big bulky ones. I didn't care for that. I did plant those again this year, but I'll like these better :) .


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