Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mixing it Up

Time to mix up the Mel's Mix. We laid out the tarp and dumped all of the compost types together. I had worm castings, chicken compost, mushroom compost and cow compost (several different brands). Guess who showed up during all of that? The mosquitoes! Time to call it a night!

Next day we mixed the blended compost with vermiculite and peat moss and started filling the beds. Next are the trellis' and cages around some of the beds.

We planted sweet potatoes and some transplants from the store of green peppers and tomatoes. It was way to hot and humid for the peppers and tomatoes so they would bloom, then drop off either right before it fruited or as just a tiny little pepper. One pepper made it over a few inches and I took it before it could drop.

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