Friday, May 8, 2009

July & August in the garden - not much going on!

One of our 3 banana plants that we purchased. I think this one is the "ice cream" banana. Here's a little tip. Write it down! If you don't write it down you will forget. I have 3 banana trees, in 3 different color pots to tell them apart. Do you think I can remember which one goes where a year later? Uh, no. I can't even remember the 3 types of banana plants... one was ice cream, another was misi luki, and the other was, was, was. Ugh, I can't remember! It was a more normal name, unlike Misi Luki. I mean, c'mon, I can remember Misi Luki but not Grand Nain! It was Grand Nain. And how is that more normal than Misi Luki?? Ok, whatever. Obviously I've lost my mind. But there you go. 3 banana plants, 3 different color pots. Wonder who goes where? They actually survived all of the freezes this year but they are not very big now.

What's next? Oh, the compost tumblers. I've spent all of my money already at this point on the beds and mulch so for compost I attempted to build a thing...a sort of wall/shelter thing and pile it in. No, that doesn't work well. So Ted made me some compost tumblers out of garbage cans. Yay Ted! I'm still trying to get the hang of making compost. I'm on my 2nd batch in those now.

Here we have some future veggies getting ready for the August/September planting. I can't wait! It is getting boring just having sweet potatoes. Actually, it really isn't. Maybe for you all reading these it is, but I went out and checked on them every day! :) I think I have some squash, watermelon and tomatoes getting ready here.

And then a few weeks later, here is my squash with a beautiful flower - and a really neat looking moth hanging on inside. He looks like a stealth bomber in there.

And that's all going on for July in the garden (and part of August)

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