Friday, May 8, 2009

Hydroponics, Aquaponics...I want to try it!

I decided I would also set up a floating hydro garden in the back room. I get lots of sun exposure through the doors as they are almost all glass and on the south side.

My experiment didn't really work though. I think I will try a traditional hydro garden first. Although I REALLY want to do aquaponics and raise tilapia at the same time. That just looks like such a cool idea to me. And I think I have the perfect place. When I was doing pottery and had a kiln (I tend to take up lots of different creative pasttimes) we had to cut a hole in the wall of the garage to vent out the fumes. Well I'm thinking that I can put the garden bed outside and keep the fish in the garage, and run the pvc and tubing through that hole. That keeps the fish same from outside stuff and allows my plants to have sunlight. I'm going to try it!!
Found a great site for a cool setup - FAST (Faith and Sustainable technologies). Here's a link to the page that has the barrelponics manual on it.
Maybe this fall I can try it out.

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