Friday, May 8, 2009

Garden Adventures

Jake & I took a few trips to some gardens nearby (and not so nearby). We drove up to the Botanical Gardens at USF. It was okay. I guess I wasn't sure what to expect. I liked the Thyme Bed (right).
We also made a trip to Historic Bok Sanctuary in Lake Wales. Ok, I wish I lived there! That must be the most peaceful place I have ever been. While we were looking over a small pond with a swan swimming in it Jake said to me "It is so beautiful that I could cry". I gave a little chuckle and nodded my head and he said "No, I mean it. I am tearing up and it is so beautiful my heart hurts. If this is just a little taste of what Heaven is like I can't even imagine the real thing". I thought I was going to cry right there because I was so proud of him for 1. appreciating the world God created for us and 2. recognizing that it is only a shadow of the real thing. It is my desire to instill in him a love for the natural beauty of our world - at 11 years old for him to say that...well I feel that I am succeeding.

Here are some more pics, from my camera which does not do the place justice.

Do you see the size of those lily pads below? They are 4-6 feet across. The flower in the middle (at the very back of the photo) is huge. Maybe a foot and a half high and it is just the bud at that point. I wish I could have seen it bloom!

Fountain behind the old mansion.

The tower in the reflecting pond.

I have more. But I'm tired of uploading and moving the pics where I want them! LOL.

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